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Become a Member

When you attend group meetings you will be given the opportunity to become a member.

Representatives of the group will support you to complete a form and receive a membership card. Please enquire at the meeting for further information.

If you wish to contact us and you have an email address please do so via the website’s ‘Contact Us’ page supplying a contact email address (click here to go to the ‘Contact Us’ page).

If you wish to attend a group meeting please see our ‘Meetings’ page for the dates of upcoming meetings and details of where and at what time they are (click here to go to the ‘Meetings’ page).

Your details, whether supplied online or at a meeting, will not be passed to other organisations without your consent.

Volunteer for us

If you would be interested in volunteering to support Nepalese Help, please contact us via the form on the ‘Contact us’ page expressing your areas of interest and availability. Click here to go to the ‘Contact Us’ page.

You can help us enormously by being able to offer us from one or two hours a month of your time to days and regular days per month.

We would encourage volunteers who are bi-lingual in English and Nepali to contact us for the volunteering opportunities we have.

Thank you.