Website makeover

It’s been some time in the making but it’s finally here – a makeover of the look and feel of the previous website and carrying its content forward. Over time the new platform will grow with new content and new features.

Part of the aim of the makeover was to ensure the site can be accessed on smaller devices likes phones and tablets as well as the more traditional larger devices like laptops and PCs.

The information, photograph albums, listing of events and activities have all transferred to the new platform. Where 2 or more pages carried similar information they have been consolidated into a single page (eg ‘Useful Contacts’ page and ‘Links’ page becomes the ‘Resources’ page).

In keeping with a modern platform, the events listings are displayed in an on-page calendar and information-gathering forms for membership and volunteer application and for contacting us have become a single, on-page form.

For the team which keeps the site up to date the editing environment is easier to work with.